Meryl Streep On The ‘Crazy’ & Lovely ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Meryl Streep is one of the stars of Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns, and the second she heard of the film she admits she wanted desperately to take part. 

“Rob knew that I wanted in on whatever it was he did next,” she told Entertainment Weekly. Turns out, that film was Mary Poppins Returns! 

“I had no idea what he had in his head,” she added. “And when he and John invited me over to where they live to talk me through this idea, I thought, ‘They’re crazy, these two. They’re just insane. They’ve lost their minds.’ But it was such a big vision, and it was so ambitious that I said, ‘Oh well, I want to be in it, absolutely.’ Right away.”

“I was a kid and I remember every single one of the sets and all the people in it and the songs and the music and the spirit of it,” she reminisced over the original Mary Poppins. “You know, I loved it. But I wasn’t familiar at all with the other P.L. Travers stories. I didn’t even know they existed.” 

Meryl plays Topsy, a cousin of Mary Poppins whom the nanny seeks out to fix a broken Banks family heirloom — except Mary makes the mistake of visiting Topsy’s shop on the second Wednesday of the month, when gravity-challenged Topsy’s life flips upside-down (literally).


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