Adam Driver Is Father To A 2-Year-Old Son We Never Knew Existed!

Apparently, Adam Driver has been a dad for two years and he never made it public. He shares a 2-year-old son with wife Joanne Tucker. 

Adam and Joanne had posted about her pregnancy on their private Instagram feeds. In fact, one post was an image of Joanne with her sister, who was also pregnant at the time, and the caption “Sisters. Nearly matching everything. #babyshowerx2.”

Yet, none of his fans knew! I guess Adam would have rather the experience be a private moment — which we understand — but damn it man! We would have loved to squish his wittle face. Apparently, Page Six points out, the actor gave subtle clues that he was a dad in past interviews. 

“I look at my dog — this sounds so absurd — but it’s not — I don’t know if I can love anything more. Like, I have a kid, maybe — and be like, [gestures dismissively]. But the dog!” he told W magazine in 2017. 


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