Teens In New Zealand Are Getting Traumatized By The Ending In ‘A Star Is Born’

We’d hate to spoil the ending of A Star Is Born for those who haven’t seen it 


Anyway, people in New Zealand are going ape sh*t because of the way Bradley Cooper’s character dies in the film (by suicide). This led to David Shanks, the head of film classification in New Zealand, to add another warning to the film’s rating, according to The Guardian.

“Many people in New Zealand have been impacted by suicide,” he said. “For those who have lost someone close to them, a warning gives them a chance to make an informed choice about watching.”

The movie is already rated M — suitable for 16 years and older — and warned of “sex scenes, offensive language and drug use.” Now, the rating will now also include “suicide” as a warning.

According to reports, teenagers are getting severely “triggered” over the film’s ending.


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