Queer Eye’s Fab Five Stress Why It’s Important for Men to Pick the Right Underwear

The guys at Queer Eye just want men to look their sexiest, which is why the Fab Five sat down with Terry Chapman, a 49-year-old contractor in Kansas City to explain hidden secret most of us don’t pay attention to. 

“It’s easy to get out of bed and just put on whatever’s on the floor, but don’t save those nice things in your wardrobe for somebody else,” said Tan France, the fashion expert on the series. “Wear them for your partner.”

The Fab Five got together exclusively for People magazine for its People Special: The Queer Eye’s Guide to Becoming Sexier, streaming now on PeopleTV.com. 

“You look pretty great on the whole, my concern is your underwear,” Tan tells a laughing Terry in the special. “I know I’ve only known you for a very, very short amount of time, but your underwear is not sexy.”

Still, Tan acknowledges that it’s fine to be comfortable, “but there’s sexy comfort. I wear boxer briefs, so do many, many, many, many men because they are comfortable but they also are sexier. So maybe can I implore you to try a boxer brief? It’s just going to make you look a little sexier when you present yourself to your wife every night.”


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