Here’s Why Elizabeth Taylor Once Apparently Burned Her Designer Clothes

Apparently, although Elizabeth Taylor was known to be quite the fashionista, she burned up all her designer clothes — which were secretly placed in the basement of her Gstaad, Switzerland bomb shelter. 

According to Tim Mendelson, Elizabeth’s personal and executive assistant for 20 years, a leak developed inside the shelter and wreaked havoc on her most priceless pieces. That’s when she held a huge bonfire to get rid of the ruined items — including stuff custom made by Coco Chanel herself. 

“She said she cried when that bonfire happened, because it was so sad to lose all that beautiful clothing,” Tim said. “Elizabeth did have a great appreciation for design and for material objects that had value, so she was very, very protective, particularly with the jewelry.”

According to Tim, Liz only bought the best-quality stones, and prided herself in keeping them looking pristine. “When Christie’s eventually got ahold of her entire collection, they were extremely impressed and very surprised that everything was in such perfect condition,” he said, adding that the auction house often receives items that are bent or missing stones. “Because it was more than just jewelry to her, it was so much about the sentimental value, the memory of it. When she would travel, she bought jewelry as a souvenir — she liked to commemorate things.”

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