Melania Trump Says She’s The ‘Most Bullied Person in the World’

Melania Trump recently said in a sit-down interview with ABC News that she thinks she’s “the most bullied person in the world.” 

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,” she said in the interview, which was during her recent tour of Africa, before adding, “one of them — if you really see what people are saying about me.”

Melania continued, “That’s why ‘Be Best’ is focusing on online behavior and social media. We need to educate the children [about] social, emotional behavior.”

Of course, many critics have come out against her anti-bullying platform, pointing to the clear example of her husband Donald Trump, who is undoubtedly the biggest bully of them all. 

But Melania is well aware. Last March, she said, “I am well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing the topic. I have been criticized for my commitment to tackling this issue and I know that will continue, but it will not stop me from doing what I know is right. I am here with one goal: helping children and our next generation.”

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