You Have To Watch These Horror Movies On Netflix This Month

It’s Halloween time, which means it’s time to get scared. Thankfully, Netflix has us all covered. 

Our friends at Marie Claire assembled a handy guide of the “creepiest, smartest, most terrifying flicks currently streaming.” Here are a few of the best horror movies on Netflix right now, for your pure terror and enjoyment.

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Synopsis: There’s really only one thing you need to know about this movie: Vagina dentata. The myth of “teeth in the vagina” has been covered in a lot of feminist writing, but this horror flick/satire is your comprehensive education on the subject. It gets pretty gory, but it’s worth the watch if you can stomach it.


Synopsis: The Witch is not your average horror movie. You might get a little antsy waiting for something big to happen. But when that moment comes, it’s like being on a roller coaster when you get to that first big drop and you know sh*t’s about to get crazy. The story follows a family in the 1600s that—because of the father’s religious zealotry—are exiled to the woods outside of the colony, where a witch may or may not have also taken up residence. The final few scenes should go down as some of the greatest in horror history: There’s definitely a couple of shots that leave you thinking, Did I really just see that?


Synopsis: There are a lot of masked psycho killer movies to choose from, but writer/director Bryan Bertino pulled some of the inspiration for this one from several real-life home invasion cases. That’s what makes it so tough to watch: The unsettling feeling that this could happen to you is hard to ignore.


Synopsis: This found-footage indie horror movie showcases the talent of Mark Duplass and it. is. disturbing. The plot follows a videographer hired by a Josef (Duplass) to make a documentary for his unborn son. It’s clear as soon as they meet that Josef is a weirdo. The rest of the 77-minute run-time is a lot of Josef’s bizarre behavior, which will leave you screaming at the screen, “Why are you still filming this guy?” Creep 2 is more of the same and just as crazy-fun to watch.


Synopsis: The zombie genre is a robust one, but have you ever seen zombies on a train? This subtitled South Korean film is one of the best horror releases in recent years, about a dad trying to protect his daughter while traveling to a safe zone as a zombie outbreak spreads through the country. Even if zombies aren’t usually your thing, it’s just a fun, action-packed film. It also has some surprising heart, so you might want to keep a box of tissues nearby.

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