Justin Bieber’s Friends Think He’s Going Though An Identity Crisis

Apparently, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married two months ago. At the time, Justin was seen crying at the NYC courthouse, telling Hailey, “I can’t wait to marry you, baby.” 

Also around that time, however, he was seen looking disoriented while shopping shirtless in Tribeca and crying on the West Side Highway bike path on the same day, reports Page Six. On top of that, one week after getting married the singer was busking outside of Buckingham Palace while visiting London with his new wife.

After a video surfaced of Justin looking jittery and shaking on the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, fans and friends are starting to think something is wrong. 

According to friends, it’s reminiscent of old times.

Bieber’s longtime manager, Scooter Braun, admitted during an interview on The Red Pill podcast, that at one point, his partying got so bad, Scooter thought the singer might die: “I thought he was going to go to sleep one night and have so much crap in his system that he would not wake up the next morning,” he said. “There was a time where I would go to sleep almost every night, when he had the money to fly away from me, and I was worried every night that I was going to lose him.”

According to TMZ, Justin had a falling out with his mentor, a pastor who appeared surprised during a videotaped interview in Australia in June, when the interviewer told him Justin and Hailey were engaged in July. 

Read more at Page Six, where more of Justin’s friends argue that he’s going through an identity crisis.


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