Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf Reached Out to Roseanne Barr, But Haven’t Heard Back


In an interview with People magazine, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert revealed they’ve both reached out to Roseanne Barr amidst their show’s cancelation but have yet to hear back. 

“Sara and I had this scene in the first show where we addressed the grief,” said Laurie, referring to the newly written storyline that kills off Roseanne’s character. “Sometimes when you’re an actor and you have to go to that place, you substitute something, but in this case there was no need to do that, because it was there. And it was real. And still makes me choke up, because that part of it’s been really hard.”

The two actresses add that they’ve reached out to the comedian but haven’t heard back yet.

Still, Laurie hopes the cast can channel their sadness “in an honest way into the show. Our show has always been able to deal with heavy topics, particularly for a sitcom. It’s been kind of built into the mix.”

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