Kim Kardashian Apologized For Bragging About Being Called Anorexic

This past summer, Kim Kardashian posted photos on her Instagram story where she and her sisters bragged about how thin they looked. 

Kim responded, “Oh my god, thank you” when Kendall said “I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating.”

She also laughed when Khloé said “she’s anorexic here [gestures to waist], her arms are like pin thin, they’re like my pinky.”

Now, Kim is apologizing, calling it insensitive to make light of anorexia. 

“I 100 percent completely understand where people would be coming from that felt that way,” she said on Ashley Graham’s new podcast Pretty Big Deal. “My intention is never to offend anyone and I really apologize if I offended anyone…. I know people that have serious eating disorders that have been in and out of the hospital for 15 years, close people. So, I’ve been through, I’ve experienced it enough to have known better… It was insensitive.”


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