Bradley Cooper Talks About His High School Reunion & How Awkward It Was

While sitting down on The Tonight Show, Bradley Cooper opened up about what it was like going to his high school reunion as a mega superstar. 

“I went around and did this regional tour… around the country and I stopped at my high school and I played the movie for my high school,” he said of his directorial debut in A Star Is Born.

Then he goes on, “There was this guy there who was the best athlete in high school and he was the nicest guy in high school and he was so gifted. He was a running back. He was the s**t. He was very good. So I’m there at a house and it was our 20 year reunion and he was pretty inebriated and he was looking at me like I’ve never seen him look before. He was like, ‘How’d that happen, Brad?’ I was like, ‘Wait what? How’d what happen?’ [And he said] ‘You know, like freshman year. And I-I-I just how’d that happen, bro?'”

Apparently, the drunken question made him realize “You never know how people are going to react” to fame. 

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