Jamie Lee Curtis Says The Latest ‘Halloween’ Film Is All About #MeToo

The latest sequel to Halloween is starring Jamie Lee Curtis, of course, and now the legendary actress says it couldn’t be more timely. She explained to Entertainment Weekly that the movie weaves in issues discussed in the #MeToo movement. 

In the movie, Jamie’s character Laurie Strode once again faces masked killer Michael Myers — only this time she’s alongside her daughter and granddaughter. 

“Well, I do not believe that when David [Gordon Green] and Danny [McBride] and Jeff [Fradley] were writing this, they were looking at it as a way of incorporating the #MeToo movement into this retelling or revisiting of this story,” the actress told EW. “I think it is the natural occurrence of a zeitgeist, of a change, of a shift in thought and action which comes from these moments of tremendous cultural change.” 

She added, “Clearly this movie will be another voice in that same chorus of women taking back their stories, saying, ‘We are not that story, we have arrived, and we will be the ones that write our own stories,’ and that only comes from the bravery of a few. This movie will be a part of that wave. I didn’t realize it until we were making it, and I realized what Laurie was doing, and that’s very powerful.”


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