OMG! Soon-Yi Previn Is Weighing In On Woody Allen & Mia Farrow Drama

According to Page Six, New York magazine is about to publish a piece through the perspective of Soon-Yi Previn, who was adopted by Mia Farrow and then later married her step-dad Woody Allen, tearing their family apart. Apparently, Dylan Farrow is outraged.

Dylan has been open for years about Woody allegedly molesting her as a child. According to people familiar with Dylan’s thinking, she believes the New York mag writer was hand-picked by Woody because she’s sympathetic to him. The piece — expected to be on stands Monday, and on the magazine’s Web site as early as Sunday evening — has been penned by Daphne Merkin, a pal and avowed admirer of the filmmaker.

Though sources say Dylan is nervous about the piece, reps from the magazine told Page Six: “Soon-Yi Previn is telling her story for the first time, and we hope people will withhold judgment until they have read the feature,” adding, “Daphne Merkin’s relationship to Woody Allen is disclosed and is a part of the story, as is Soon-Yi’s reason for speaking out now.”

Apparently, reporters from the magazine reached out to Dylan to fact-check claims only after the story was written rather than requesting an interview, which means it’s totally from the perspective of Woody and hers is not as important. Never a good sign.


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