This Man Allegedly Faked Having Down Syndrome To Sexually Abuse Caregivers

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

A 31-year-old man in Arizona allegedly pretended to have Down Syndrome in order to hire caregivers to bathe and change his diapers, according to People magazine. He’s since been arrested and charged with three counts of sex abuse and one count fraudulent schemes. 

“I worked in sex crimes for many years and I didn’t have any case like this,” Gilbert police Sgt. Darrell Krueger said. “It is a first for me.” Krueger says police started an investigation earlier this month after three of Paul Anthony Menchaca’s alleged victims came forward to law enforcement. The victims all knew each other and provided care for Menchaca, according to Krueger, reports People. 

“He would post that the mother had an adult son with special needs and would request care come to the house to watch the adult, so the caregivers would show up and do babysitting for what they believed to be an adult with Down syndrome,” Krueger said, adding that sometimes Paul would “request that they [the caregivers] do extra effort in cleaning certain areas of his body” and “he might ask them to help him take a shower.”

“He asked them to do things that would instigate contact with his genitals,” Krueger says. “The caregivers all reported he was typically aroused when they would … do any care.”

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