Jennifer Love Hewitt Remembers Getting Drunk With Betty White

Betty White still likes to get down, even with girls who could be her granddaughter! Jennifer Love Hewitt recalled to James Corden a time when they were filming a project together and the two ended up having a little more fun than expected. 

“She loves pizza and vodka. Right? She’s all of us,” Jennifer said. “One night we were filming, and we went out and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going on a date with Betty White.’ It’s the most nervous date I’ve ever been on in my life. We’re chatting and having the best time. I don’t drink a lot, so maybe three-and-a-half vodkas in I’m like, ‘Woo, I’m feeling this dinner with Betty White, okay.’ So, we go to leave and it’s great and then all of the sudden I see that Betty is sort of going this way and then I find myself also going.”

Then, “I was like, ‘Oh my god, I am like the bodyguard of a national treasure. You have got to snap it together and don’t kill Betty White on your date!’” she continued. “So we get her from the bushes. She didn’t really go in the bushes, but she was on her way.”

When they got back to the hotel, Betty asked if Jennifer wanted to come back to her room. “I’m like ‘Oh, Betty, yes!’ Okay, we’re going to the next level!” The she added, “Her nightcap is gummy bears. I mean, shut the front door and lock it. She’s perfect.”

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