Emmy Rossum Reveals Her Weight To Help Fans With Body Image

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Emmy Rossum is making it clear that weight isn’d defined by a number, but rather her lifestyle. Her hope is to get fans to stop thinking about the number on the scale.

“w\Want to know what I weigh?” she asked on Instagram. “Click on my stories. @i_weigh BECAUSE YOU AE SO MUCH MORE THAN A NUMBER,” she then tagged the I Weigh movement.

“During my life the scale has told me that I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost,” she said. “Somewhere in the range of 20 pounds. But that piece of metal doesn’t really know. Here’s what I ACTUALLY WEIGH: 3 best friends since kindergarten, drive, kindness, empathy, makes friends with strangers, Jewish and proud, Daughter, 100+ hours of television.”

She added, “The courage it takes everyday to overcome ptsd, one happy marriage, 3 episodes of television directed, countless hours of therapy, one finished screenplay, and animal rescuer.”

Emmy Rossum I Weigh Challenge
Credit: Emmy Rossum/Instagram

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