Stop Asking Jimmy Kimmel To Talk Politics at Parties

Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to talking about politics, which is how he’s been channeling his content for the show over the last several years. But outside the show, politics talk is a no-no.

“It’s something I’m passionate about, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to talk about it for hours at a cocktail party,” he told InStyle. “But I know there’s a reason they share these stories with me. It kinda keeps me going, because I do get a lot of negativity.”

He adds, “There’s a fresh new batch of horrors every single day. I don’t want to start the show with Donald Trump every night. Sometimes I’m just giving myself a break, but I do think it’s a relief for people to be reminded that life continues despite his presence.”

His dream? “I would love if one day my point of view could be taken as my point of view rather than some kind of political weapon. Because that’s not what I am, and that’s not ever what I intended.”

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