Cardi B Sues Ex-Manager For $15M Claiming He Tried To Control Her


Cardi B is trying to get $15 million from her former manager, claiming he exploited her and tried to “maintain complete control over her . . . even attempting to control her personal life, telling her who she should and should not see romantically.”

The suit came after her former manager tried to sue her saying he built up her career only to be left out in the cold once she hit the big time. Her counter claim is that he gained her trust, then cut her off from other friends and advisers, and then signed her on to contracts that were variously described in the suit as “grossly unfair,” “highly one-sided” and “highly favorable to himself.”

As Page Six reports, in the court papers, Cardi’s team claims that Shaft took a 20 percent fee as her manager — but then set up two companies, WorldStar and KSR, through which they claim he convinced Cardi to put more money in his pocket, with one of the deals taking 50 percent of the royalties from her work with Atlantic Records.

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