Apparently, Prince Charles’s Friend Is Talking Sh*t About Meghan’s Fam

Just like a royal, eh? Apparently, one of Prince Charles’s friends referred to Meghan Markle’s family as “shockingly common” — which in royal lingo means, they’re trash.

As Marie Claire reports: The friend in question, Nicky Halsam (an interior designer described as an “old friend” of Prince Charles and Camilla by Independent), said of Meghan’s family, “They’re frightfully common. It would have been awful if that huge lump [referring to Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle] had been there.”

Nicky added, “The royals probably don’t quite know how to deal with them. One person who wasn’t common was her mother.”

Then of Meghan’s dress: “I didn’t very much like her dress,” he told the Daily Mail. “It didn’t fit, among other things. It should have been made of thinner stuff, it seemed to be made of concrete.”

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