Shaq Dreams Of Having A Career Like The Rock’s

Shaquille O’Neal is hoping to have The Rock’s career, and the NBA superstar just might achieve it given that he is working hard to be as big an actor as his friend Dwayne Johnson.

In Uncle Drew, Shaq plays Big Fella, the runner of a martial arts dojo. In an interview with AP, he opens up about how he plans to win Hollywood over.

“I want to be as big as Rock,” he says bluntly. “We come from the same place: athletes that transition. That’s my goal. I want similar type movies. I want to get thrillers. I want to get dramas. I want to do comedies. I want to be the next Rock. I want to do a thriller where I’m like a hero and beat up all the bad guys.”

He added, “Well, I have shot 15 movies. I always tell my friends I shot 15 movies but they say, ‘Yeah, but if you play Shaq in nine of the movies, that’s not really acting.’ I say, ‘You make a good point.’ I’m just happy to have the opportunity.”

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