Tiffany Haddish Used To Collect Pictures Of Penises

Tiffany Haddish has no qualms admitting that she used to collect pictures of penises — and now she’s an expert of all shapes and sizes.

“I was doing research. So basically, because I’m a scientist. I’m a ‘penialtologist,’” she joked on the latest episode of Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. “When I was younger, anytime I would go on a date I would ask a guy if I could see his penis. And then I would pull out my disposable camera and I would ask him if I could take a picture of your penis.”

Turns out, it was a smarter strategy than she realized: “From their hands, you can see … Dirty nails, dirty d–k. The tip of their penis usually match their fingernails,” she explained. “It ain’t about the feet. It’s never about the feet. Check them hands. If hands are dry and ashy, his d–k probably ashy too.”

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