Ocean’s 8 Wouldn’t Have Happened If It Wasn’t For Sandra Bullock’s 8-Year-Old Son

Sandra Bullock recently sat down with People magazine, revealing that she nearly passed on the part to play the lead in an all-female reboot of Ocean’s 8 — but her son convinced her otherwise.

“This almost didn’t happen for me because it was supposed to shoot during the summer, and then when Cate wasn’t available, they said, ‘Are you willing to shift it to fall in New York?’ And I went, ‘I gotta take the kids out of school,’ ” she reveals, admitting that the film would have to pull Louis, 8, and Laila, 6, out of school and move them across country.

“Then my son said, ‘Why don’t we go look at a school and see if we find something?’ We left on Mother’s Day, day after Mother’s Day found a school,” she reveals. “It’s all about my kids. If I could never work again, I’d be okay with it because I’d get to go home and be with my babies.”

Read more at PEOPLE.

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