New Film Says Whitney Houston Was Sexually Abused By Cousin Dee Dee Warwick

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

A new documentary that premiered at Cannes Film Festival this week alleged that the singer was sexually abused by her cousin, Dee Dee Warwick (the sister of Dionne Warwick). Dee Dee passed away in 2008.

Kevin Macdonald, the director for Whitney, told Indiewire it was Whitney’s brother, Gary Garland, who told him he had been sexually abused as a child by Dee Dee — claiming he believed the singer had also been molested.

“He’s saying I was abused by this person and told me, ‘I think she abused Whitney,’” Kevin said. “Pat Houston [Gary’s wife], who’s here, told me that, yeah, Whitney had told her this but not given any details.” He added, “There was something about her discomfort in her own skin, something about the way she presents or hides herself, her lack of overt sexuality. She’s this beautiful woman but she’s very closed in her demeanor.”

After reaching out to Bobby Brown about the alleged abuse, the director said, “He claims not to know. I wouldn’t be surprised if [Houston] didn’t tell him. When you hear Mary Jones talking about it at the end, the shame that Whitney had about it, the fact that she couldn’t take to her own mother about it… I can’t imagine she would have gone there, but this is all supposition.”

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