Wilmer Valderrama Dressed As A Bird To Explain Venezuela’s Crisis

John Oliver recruited Wilmer Valderrama to explain the Venezuelan crisis, which lay with President Nicolás Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez.

John explained that Chávez became hugely popular in Venezuela through both his outsize personality and social welfare programs that he paid for using the country’s booming oil economy. Twin disasters struck when Chávez died and oil prices fell to $50-per-barrel, but Maduro has nevertheless tried to retain his predecessor’s policies.

“What I like the most about that, other than the whistling which I like very much, is the idea that when powerful leaders die, they become birds,” John said. “That is a pretty humiliating second act. ‘I led my people to greatness, and now I will barf my lunch into my child’s mouth and fly into a glass window.’”

Then Wilmer dressed like a bird, referring to John as “Zazu” and please directly to Maduro: “Maduro, the whole world can see what mess you are making, even TV hosts here in America like that idiot,” he said. “The point is, Maduro, you need to accept humanitarian aid and cool it with the dictator stuff.”

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