Harvey Weinstein Is Still Trying To Influence Exposés About His Sins

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Even though his career and reputation are pretty much ruined, Harvey Weinstein continues to try and influence stories about him, using bully tactics.

Barry Avrich’s documentary, The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret, set for release this fall is on his radar, and according to Barry, Harvey has been sending him emails. “Can’t wait to see [it]. Oscar [coming] for you,” it said, indicating he still considers himself an Oscar kingmaker.

Barry told Page Six, “This is classic Harvey, he was poking around, flattering me to find out more about my film about him. He’s a classic sociopath.”

The filmmaker says he sent a dismissive response, but, “48 hours later I got an email from ‘Harvey’s assistant’, saying, ‘Harvey wants to see your film, please to send it to this lawyers office in LA’, which I have no intention of doing.”

Avrich’s 2011 doc, Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project, was bought by IFC but was never aired. “I am certain they picked up the film without any intention to release it, and Harvey was behind it, he is close to the Dolan family who own IFC Films. It was a classic machiavellian chess move.”

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