Bill Maher Says Trump And His Administration Is Like The Mob

Bill Maher is clearly not a fan of Trump’s — you can tell that from watching his show or knowing anything about his politics. In the latest episode of Real Time, the host called out Trump.

“People call this presidency a reality show; it’s more like a Scorsese movie,” he said. “Everything Trump does is modeled on the mob. When he was accused of sexual harassment, he brought in Bill Clinton’s accusers to sit in the gallery at the debate, just like Michael Corleone brought Frank Pentangeli’s brother into court [in The Godfather Part II].”

“Here’s my theory,” he spoke of Trump voters. “You didn’t like it that the country had been ‘taken over’ by liberals and feminists and elites. Whatever. So you were feeling vulnerable and disrespected, so you brought in some muscle from the East Coast for protection and now you’re married to the mob.”

“Who does Trump surround himself with? Disposable lawyers and idiot members of his own family,” he said. “Who’s his worst enemy? The FBI. Where does his money come from? He’s in construction. Forget about it!”

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