More Information On Matt Lauer’s Investigation Was Released By NBC

The investigation of Matt Lauer has officially concluded, and NBC is releasing reports surrounding it.

The investigation team found four women’s allegations that the 60-year-old anchor engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace to be credible, the report said. but the network also found credible the statements from those in leadership positions that they were unaware of his behavior.

“We found no evidence indicating that any NBC News or Today show leadership, News HR or others in positions of authority in the News Division received any complaints about Lauer’s workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017,” the report reads.

At one point, Ann Curry allegedly approached the management team about someone confiding with her that Matt sexually and physically harassed her. “Curry declined to share with the investigation team the identity of anyone in management with whom she spoke at the time or the identity of the woman who came to her with a complaint about Lauer,” the report also reads. “The members of NBC News and Today show leadership at the time with whom we spoke denied having any such conversation with Curry.”

“The investigation team does not believe that there is a widespread or systemic pattern of behavior that violates Company policy or a culture of harassment in the News Division,” the report concludes.

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