Sharon Osbourne Was Stranded On A Private Jet

Sharon Osbourne ended up stranded on a private jet in Mexico City because she forgot her passport.

“So the first thing you think of is, ‘Oh. If I sit here, I can get somebody to bring me my passport. I’ll sit here for five hours. We’re in the airport, and then I can go through immigration.’ Well, no. I couldn’t,” Sharon said on The Talk.

Mexican authorities originally wanted to put her in a “holding tank.”

“So then we said, ‘Okay. This plane will take me home. Fine,’” she recalled. “So they refilled the plane and the authorities there were saying, ‘Fine. You can just leave. Fill the plane and go.’ Well they knew that the airport was going to close, and so they closed the airport, and I was sat on the runway in the plane.”

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