Jessica Chastain And Ralph Lauren Come Together In Moving Campaign

Jessica Chastain is the face of Ralph Lauren Fragrances’s latest scent, Woman. In it, they kicked off the Lead Like A Woman campaign encouraging conversations about women leadership.

“What I’m excited about is that this will focus on empowering women, and shine a light on inequality in all industries,” said Jessica to People. As part of the campaign, she appears in one of three digital short films to inspire dialogue about women and leadership.

“It’s okay to talk about your salary — you don’t have to just be grateful that you have a job. And I would just suggest we work together to share as much as we can with our sisters. Knowledge is power,” she said.

And she says the fragrance helps her feel more confident. “Society has stereotyped masculine scents and feminine scents, but when I wear this [woody floral] combination, there’s this feeling of not being confined to any old-fashioned history for my gender.”

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