Sarah Jessica Parker Bought A Fan A Cosmo

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

For all you Sex and the City fans, you know Carrie’s favorite drink is a Cosmopolitan. Apparently, while dining at a NYC restaurant this Sunday, a male French tourist sat next to Sarah Jessica Parker and ordered a Cosmo.

“About two minutes [after he ordered], Sarah Jessica Parker walked in,” the restaurant’s PR told Page Six. “He was shocked to see her, and immediately went over and said he was a big fan. Then he went and sat back down.”

Next thing you know, Sarah Jessica Parker picked up his tab, US Weekly reports. “SJP saw the cosmo come out, and she asked the server to put it on her bill. It was all sort of perfect timing — for a fan of the show to be in Manhattan, sitting in a bar in the West Village, ordering a cosmo, and in walks Carrie Bradshaw herself!”

“He did mention that ‘Sex and the City’ was the reason he was in New York,” the PR person said. “The show was what initially inspired his trip.”

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