Sarah Jessica Parker Is A Wedding Dress Designer Now!

It’s a perfect fit, really!

Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten into the bridal game, launching her first collection of 10 bridal looks: a mix of dresses, bodysuits, skirts and jumpsuits available in sizes 0 through 14 and priced from $295 to $2,395, exclusively on Gilt.

These pieces are for the “modern, nontraditional” bride, according to WWD, which include bright colors and details like cutouts and feathers.

“The intent is they should be usable outside of that special occasion,” Sarah said. “Whether you’re the person walking down the aisle, or you’re attending, these are all pieces that should be relevant in your closet. There are some pieces that feel more decadent and more specifically bridal. There’s no law saying they’re not appropriate for many other important occasions as well.”

We’re all about this!

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