Azealia Banks Claims She was Roofied And Raped This Weekend

Azealia Banks came out this weekend to say she was recently roofed and raped, and followed up with a series of voice messages to fans where she’s heard sobbing.

“I just feel so dirty and stupid right now, you know? We were just hanging out and one thing led to another,” she said. “I just feel really dumb, because it was partially my fault… I’m just like sitting here like feeling f–king low and sh-t… I just want to f–king disappear right now.”

“You don’t really realize it like this rape sh-t,” she continued. “Men can just prey on you and f–king like badger you, force you to say yes… to the point where you feel like you gave consent but you didn’t give sh-t. You never wanted to do sh-t… someone really just got the f–king best of me.”

The 26-year-old rapper landed a $1 million record deal earlier this year. “What is even in a roofie,” she questioned. “I’ve never felt that type of intoxication in my life. I woke up my throat was in pins and needles. It’s under control now my brothers and friends are here. I’m going to be fine don’t panic guys. I love you. I def got drugged in my drink but I’m waking up again.”

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