Stan Lee Threatened To Sue The Media For ‘Totally Incorrect’ Elder Abuse Claims

After The Hollywood Reporter published a story about renowned comic book legend Stan Lee, insinuating that the people in his life don’t have his best interests at heart since his wife died last year, he posted a video for TMZ explaining how untrue it all was.

“Hi, this is Stan Lee, and I’m calling on behalf of myself and my friend Keya Morgan. Now you people have been publishing the most hateful, harmful material about me and about my friend Keya and some others,” he said in the video. “Material which is totally incorrect, totally based on slander, totally the type of thing that I’m going to sue your ass off [for] when I get a chance.”

The report said that he and his daughter, J.C. Lee, were embroiled in a bitter war over his estate and her trust, arguing that J.C. was under the influence of three men with “bad intentions.”

Last February, police apparently investigate $1.4 million that went missing from his home. A month prior, his nurses accused him of sexual harassment.

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