A-Rod Defends Himself After Rumors He Threatened To Cut Child-Support

After a report claiming Alex Rodriguez threatened his ex-wife that he would cut child-support payments for daughters Natasha and Ella over a legal dispute with her brother, the baseball player is biting back.

“I have an email from [Rodriguez] telling me that he’s basically making me pay for not stopping you and [not] telling you that I hate you,” and that “I’m just trying to defend my child support situation . . . and it’s terrible,” the report claims that his ex texted her brother.

However, Alex told The Post, “I have always paid far more than the maximum in child support and that will never change.” He added, “My daughters are my number one priority and always will be. It’s highly offensive to me that my former brother-in-law, who has been trying to pursue a frivolous case against me for four years and has gotten absolutely nowhere with it in court, is misrepresenting my relationship with my daughters to manipulate the public’s opinion.”

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