John Oliver’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Sketch Is Painfully, Hysterically True

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver spoke on so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which masquerade as abortion clinics but try to talk women out of getting an abortion.

According to John, CPCs actively try to confuse women about what types of medical options they will have. One CPC staffer said that the “best client you’ll get is one that thinks they are walking into an abortion clinic.” To which he replied, “Maybe Radio Shack should have thought about the strategy of pretending to offer abortions!”

He also notes that it is incredibly easy for religious groups to set up CPCs. So naturally he registered his own CPC in New York with worker “Wanda Jo Oliver” played by Rachael Dratch to complete with her very own set of “alternate facts” about abortion.

And yes it was hysterical.

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