Gal Gadot Is the New Face of Reebok — Check This Badass Out!

We are seriously losing our SH*T after Reebok announced this week that Gal Gadot is the new face of the brand. And her pics are seriously out of this world, good.

“Especially with having a mother who was a PE teacher, I was exposed to an active lifestyle from an early age,” Gal, i.e. Wonder Woman said in a statement. “Through fitness, I have found that I gain strength, endurance and confidence, and I couldn’t imagine a better partner than Reebok to join me on this journey.”

“We look to partner with women who instill confidence in all generations to take risks and to keep pushing, all while making a positive difference in the world,” said Todd Krinsky, GM of the performance business unit at Reebok. “Her relentless spirit and natural leadership have already captivated and inspired millions and we believe that this is just the starting point. Through fitness, we know that we have the power to change lives and we are elated to have such a powerhouse in our corner to tell this story.”

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