Judi Dench Wants The Whole United Kingdom To Ban Fur

What Judi Dench says, goes.

Judi Dench, Ricky Gervais, and other have written to British Prime Minister Theresa May asking for a ban on all U.K. fur imports, reports the Irish Examiner. Thirty one stars signed the open letter, dubbing it the Fur Free Britain campaign, which is also backed by numerous advocacy groups.

“Their words echo the calls from the vast majority of the British public who want to see an end to animal fur being imported on to our shores,” a Fur Free Britain campaign spokesperson told the paper about the recent rash of celebrity support. “The U.K. banned fur farming almost two decades ago because of animal suffering, but we continue to import that same cruelty from other countries such as Canada, China, Poland, and the U.S., where the appalling suffering continues.”

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