Elton John Comes After ‘Rude, Disruptive’ Fan

Elton John is a great guy, but even he has his limits when it comes to diehard fans.

This week, the legendary singer stormed off stage at Caesear’s Palace in Las Vegas when a fan got too handsy, and kept touching his piano, after he invited a few fans onstage with him.

Elton said in a statement:

“Thursday night in Las Vegas, a fan put his hands on the piano keys while I was playing and continued to do so even after I asked him to stop. He then proceeded to reach over the piano and try to take pictures, completely disrupting the performance,” Elton said. “I bring fans onstage every evening when we play ‘Saturday Night’ in the set, it is always a lovely part of the show where I get to meet them, shake their hands and have them right there with me while I play. They have always been very courteous to the fact we are in the middle of playing a song live.”

He added, “This guy was rude, disruptive and had no care or respect for our show and so I let him know how I felt, then left the stage until they had removed him.”

Check out the footage:

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