Gus Kenworthy Kissed Boyfriend On TV At The Olympics, And It’s HISTORIC

Gus Kenworthy shared a kiss with his boyfriend on TV before his first slop style run on Sunday, and it became a significant moment given that he is one of the first out gay Americans competing in the Winter Olympics — he came out in 2015.

Kenworthy’s boyfriend, Matthew Wilkas, brought a rainbow American flag to Kenworthy’s event on Sunday local time and wore a shirt that said USGAY.

“I can’t really speak for Gus. I can only assume it’s monumental for him,” Matthew told NBC after the kiss. “I think it’s overwhelming. I think he probably won’t be able to fully process it until later. This whole experience has been unexpectedly moving for him. I think he feels the pressure of it. The pressure of representing the community here and wanting do so well here for people who love him and also people who hate him and are wishing him to not do well just because of who he is. The pressure of that is intense for him.”

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