The Proper Way To Use An Ab Wheel, According To ‘Bachelorette’ Star Bryan Abasolo

The Bachelorette star Bryan Abasolo is super hot in a new tutorial on the proper usage of an ab wheel. The chiropractor won the heart of Rachel Lindsay on the last season of the reality dating show talked to Dr. Travis Stork and The Doctors about the importance of core strength on Friday’s show.

“I like to work on my core because I feel a strong core is going to give you an overall strong body,” he said. “This is a bit more of an advanced exercise, but it targets the serratus, the abdominal, the rectus abdominis. I actually brought a device like this on the show. There is no gym at the mansion on The Bachelorette, so a lot of the guys were using this. There was a line out the door.”

H/T: People

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