Amy Schumer Wasted No Time Trying On Wedding Dresses Before Wedding

Amy Schumer / Instagram

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer’s wedding was secret and spur of the moment, and according to People, Amy didn’t waste any time trying on wedding dresses. In fact, she only wore her dress once before the actual ceremony.

She chose a traditional white dress by Monique Lhuillier. Apparently, Amy only gave stylist Leesa Evans four days to prepare for the wedding.

“It was kind of an amazing and effortless experience,” Lessa told People Style. “Amy said, ‘Text me when you wake up, Chris and I want to get married.’ And then I called her when I woke up and she was like, ‘Let’s try on dresses today.’ It was literally that of spur of the moment.”

“She felt so confident about the whole big picture,” she said of Amy and her boyfriend of several months. “I think her and Chris really feel so happy to have found each other and are so deeply in love that however it was going to come together was going to be perfect because the idea and the sentiment behind it was just pure love.”

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