After Leaving E!, Catt Sadler Is Now A Force In The Time’s Up Movement

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Catt Sadler made headlines when she quit her job at E! News after finding out her cohost Jason Kennedy was making twice her salary. Now, she’s become an active force in the Time’s Up movement.

“It wasn’t this overnight [move] — ‘Oh my gosh, I’m leaving E!’” she told Cosmopolitan of her decision to exit the network. “It was months of me starting to see the picture very clearly.”

“[To] be brought into this cause in this way has been crazy,” she admits. “I just blinked and January was over, because I have been fielding so many messages, emails from women all around the world, that are fed up or needed a reminder to stand up for themselves.”

“It’s been such an emotional time for me,” she says. “I want to talk about this, [but] it’s also very tricky to talk about some of this stuff too. I just never want to come across … we don’t want to [seem] like we’re angry. It’s OK to be angry too.”

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