A Medium Helped Jill Zarin Cope With Bobby’s death

While her beloved husband, Bobby, was dying in the hospital, Jill Zarin turned to a medium to help her cope.

“When Bobby was in the hospital the last week of his life, I had a medium there and I had her do reiki on Bobby and energy work,” she told Us Weekly. “When people die it’s often said the color blue, the color of energy, is seen around the person. She took pictures. When we looked at them on the phone, there’s blue all over him and all over me. Energy, all over him, all over me.”

After he died, she took a trip to Morocco where she saw the energy again: “When I was in a hotel in Morocco, one of my friends took a picture of me and a friend. There’s no blue light in the room and no flash and there was a gigantic bright blue light on my shirt,” the former “Real Housewives of New York” star said. “And I sent the picture to my medium and she said that means Bobby was there because his energy is on you. It’s energy.”

“[The medium] really helped Bobby pass peacefully and also help the family cope with all the feelings they were experiencing about loss, like a therapist.”

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