Andy Cohen Defends Sarah Jessica Parker

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

This week, Kim Cattrall was picking a fight publicly against Sarah Jessica Parker after Sarah reached out to her to console her after Kim’s brother died. Now, Sarah’s friends are coming at the star’s defense.

“I thought it was fake. I was like, ‘There’s no way Kim Cattrall has posted this on her Instagram.’ This is a woman who is in the middle of grieving the loss of her brother, which is tragic and sad,” Andy Cohen his Radio Andy show on Monday. “She accused [Sarah Jessica Parker] of exploiting a tragedy and I’ve been getting all these tweets from people.”

“She was doing press all last week for Divorce. And you know, guess what? When you’re doing press, you’re asked the same questions about what’s going on. So people, I’m sure, were like, ‘What do you think of what happened?’ And she simply and concisely expressed her condolences. I would not call that exploiting a tragedy. What was she supposed to do? Say something bad? I don’t understand,” he added.

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