WATCH: John Cena Plays His Family ‘Keeping Up With The Cenas’ Spoof

John Cena is everything, and will be hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards for the second year in a row. The wrestler-turned-actor just released a promo for Nickelodeon where he plays his own family in a spoof called “Keeping Up With The Cenas” and it’s hysterical.

John plays a moodily emo teenage Cena, a selfie-snapping young female Cena, Grandma Cena, and the Cena family dog, among many others.

“The audience and the environment is very similar to a WWE audience, and the show is built for the kids,” he told Entertainment Weekly of why he chose to host a second time. “Not only are the kids in the live audience, but it’s the audience in the home as well. I think it’s the only one of its kind in that format: Nickelodeon goes above and beyond to not only produce a great show that translates well to television, but kids have so much fun.”

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