Reese Witherspoon Taught Natalie Portman How To Use Instagram

Natalie Portman is on Instagram, and she is already showing signs of addiction (sort of). The actress recently revealed that Reese Witherspoon had to teach her how to use Instagram.

“Reese has been a wonderful support system in teaching me the ways of modernity,” she joked during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, alongside Annihilation costar Oscar Isaac. “There’s this thing called social media.”

“It’s a very new thing in my life, and I feel like a grandmother who’s learned how to use the microwave,” she explained. “Wow, it heats things up!”

Reese later shared an Instagram of her own, captioning it: “This is a photo of me convincing @natalieportman to join @Instagram!! 😂,” the actress captioned a photo of the pair chatting. “Welcome her to the Insta family, y’all! 🎉”

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