People Are Crushing HARD On U.S. Olympian Luger Chris Mazdzer

Last month, luger Chris Mazdzer got personal before he headed to South Korea to compete in the Olympics, which one him a silver medal in men’s singles luge last week.

“What kills me on the inside is not the fact I made a few small mistakes,” he wrote, “what kills me and has been driving me wild for over a year now is the fact that no matter what I do my top speed and ability to be with the top guys in the world has disappeared, and I don’t know why.”

He later told reporters, “What you dream about as a young child and 20 years later you’re finally on the podium — I don’t know how to describe it. All I know is that I have my friends and family here celebrating with me and this is validation for everything I’ve done. All the sacrifices, it’s worth it.”

Celebs and fans alike are truly noticing Chris’s ASSetts, including Leslie Jones. “Damn he is fine. Mmm, Chris, please God, Chris, oh God I’m so scared for you Chris,” she said in one video she posted on Twitter.

In another post as she watched him race, Leslie said, “Yes, baby. Create history, Chris. On that little skateboard with — Lord have mercy Jesus, that’s got to be the most dangerous thing in the world.”

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