Apparently, Justin Timberlake Almost Used A Hologram Of Prince

Fans of Prince know that the beloved late singer hated holograms, which is why people gave a lot of heat to Justin Timberlake for singing to an image of him in the background. But apparently, he nearly used a hologram but backed out at the last minute.

“He was 100 percent ready to use the hologram but nixed it due to backlash from social media and Prince fans. That’s why he had that sheet up like in your mama’s backyard,” one insider said to Page Six.

Prince’s friend tweeted that Justin decided not to do it after they spoke on Saturday: “Family, I spoke w/Justin 2nite and he shared heartfelt words of respect for Prince & the Purple fans . . . There is no hologram,” Sheila E. said.

Later, she spoke to Entertainment Tonight: “I just said no. I just felt that it was too soon,” she told ET. “The hologram was weird, and Prince did tell me [to] make sure nobody ever does a hologram [of him] . . . He thought it was very demonic and that’s his spiritual beliefs.”

Still, another source said Justin’s performance was always the same. “There’s no way Justin would ever disrespect Prince’s legacy. He didn’t change his performance,” a source said to Page Six.

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