Playboy Bunnies Were Left Out Of Super Bowl Party, And Were Nearly Freezing


At the Super Bowl, apparently no one gives a f*ck how pretty you are — or if you are literally a Playboy bunny.

At Playboy’s “Big Game” party at Prive, a group of Playmates walked in but later were left out in the cold. At 1:30 am, just when Snoop Dog began playing Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” the group apparently headed to coat check to grab their coats and two of them couldn’t find their coats.

One bunny ended up in tears as they searched for their coats, in nearly 2 degree weather.

And they weren’t the only people whose coats were stollen. Whoever did the coatcheck sucks.

One commenter told Page Six that there were “people fighting for their coats,” with another figuring, “Whoever took my jacket better be happy because North Face ain’t cheap.”

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