Ellen DeGeneres FaceTimes Oprah After Deadly Mudslides

Following the deadly mudslides in Montecito that have brought destruction in Santa Barbara County, California, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres (who are neighbors) FaceTimed during her show.

As of this week, 17 people have died from the catastrophe. During the video, Ellen says she and Portia were forced to evacuate from their home.

“This room is always so full of positivity and love and today I really need it. So many times over the past 15 years people have come up to me and say to me that when they’re going through a tough time this show helps them through it,” she told her audience and viewers. “Today, I need you because there’s a lot going on in my life right now.”

“One of the things that I want to talk about is you know, we’ve had these terrible fires all over California and one of the hardest hit areas is where I live in Montecito. We have had mandatory evacuations,” Ellen said. “So, we were just able to get back into our house on Dec. 27 and I got back over the holidays and I just drove around. I love that community so much. There were just signs everywhere that said thank you and grateful just everywhere saying thank you to the firefighters and first responders. And it made me so proud to live there. I just love this place.”

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